I'm a self taught artist. I started this adventure of drawing portraits at the age of 17. After drawing a few of them, it was time to study mathematics... then work ... No time for drawing anymore. I was resting while drawing, it was a wonderful feeling of sharing that peace in my mind on a piece of paper. Lots of people told me to start drawing for others! There was not much time for it in the past few years.

Two years ago, I found an old photo of my Mother when she was young. It was just before her birthday. I thought - maybe I will do a portrait of her. It was not a simple challenge. When I finished, Mom was very touched. She always wanted to draw, to paint but she sacrificed her time and all herself to our family and work. Today, she is old, all her strength is gone and she will never be able to do the art again... I couldn’t give up with my dreams like she did so I returned to the drawing to discover that I can do it again!

To this day most drawings I give away. I see smiles and tears of happiness on peoples faces. There were more personal things like family portraits, moments people wanted to captured forever. After I looked at the old photos of the cinema stars from the 30's and 40's, I realised that memory of those great people like Fred Astair or Ginger Rogers are slowly disappearing. That's why I reach out from time to time to such photos and bring them back to life again. They were entertaining me when I was young. Today I can draw their portraits and save the memory of them on the paper for other generations.

So, I've set up this page where I will share all my artwork with you. My fanpage is up and running. Are you ready to share this adventure with me? Wish me luck! 40 year old dreamer draws again!